• Transbook Symposium


    The advent of digital technologies in the world of children literature, and specifically that of picture books, questions the way  books are read, used, and promoted.

    Transbook – Children’s Literature on the Move is a project that studies these transformations, particularly those involving visual storytelling.

    How does the role of the illustrator change when challenged by new digital “spaces”? How did the artistic activity change in the switch from paper to digital supports?


    On the occasion of Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2017, a series of talks dedicated to the exchange of experiences and reflections with some professionals of the illustration world will try to answer these questions.


    Monday, April 3rd – H 11.00-11.45 – Digital Café

    Out of the frame: paper and digital in Julie Stephen Chheng’s work
    Talk with Julie Stephen Chheng

    Julie Stephen Chheng is a young French-Chinese artist and graphic designer. She is the author of several pop-up books published by Les éditions volumiques, a French studio inventing, designing and developing new kind of games and books focusing on the relationship between the tangible and digital.

    Tuesday, April 4th – H 12.00-12.30 – Digital Café
    Draw, mix and dance: Yatatoy universe
    Talk with Lucas Zanotto

    Lucas Zanotto is an Italian designer, animator and director, based in Helsinki. In 2012, with Ulrich Troyer and Niels Hoffmann, he started the children app-house YATATOY. In 2016, the app Loopimal was mentioned at the Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award.

    Wednesday, April 5th – H 12.00-13.15 – Digital conference room
    How to select? Best apps for a digital grammar
    Talk with Hamelin Associazione Culturale

    Hamelin member Ilaria Tontardini presents some of the best apps for children published in the last years: which of them investigate and use new digital supports at their best, from an esthetic, interactive and narrative point of view? What aspects should we consider while searching for a new app to download?


    The symposium is realized with the support of  Transbook Children’s Literature on the Move, co-financed by the Creative Europe project of the European Union.
    Transbook is a European project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme 2014/2020 of the European Union, coordinated by Salon du livre et de la presse jeunesse (France) in partnership with Hamelin Associazione Culturale (Italy), Europäische Kinder- und Jugendbuchmesse Saarbrücken (Germany), Tantàgora (Spain), Arts Basics for Children (Belgium), Nobrow Ltd (UK) e Literárne informačné centrum (Slovakia).
    Transbook Children's Literature on the Move