• Transbook Symposium – Questioning the digital switch

    transbook-articoloThe advent of digital technologies in the world of children literature, and specifically that of picture books, questions the way  books are read, used, and promoted.

    Transbook – Children’s Literature on the Move is a project that studies these transformations, particularly those involving visual storytelling.


    How does the role of the illustrator change when challenged by new digital “spaces”? How did the artistic activity change in the switch from paper to digital supports?

    On the occasion of Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2016, a series of talks dedicated to the exchange of experiences and reflections with some professionals of the illustration world will try to answer these questions. The guests will be multiawarded German illustrator Christoph Niemann, Cléa Dieudonné, special mention at BRAW 2016, and the Italian publisher Minibombo.



    Monday, 4th April, 10.00 AM, Conference Room (Pavillion 32) – A talk with Christoph Niemann

    Christoph Niemann, a versatile author whose work extends its range at 360 degrees in the field of illustration, explains his approach to narration through digital media, starting with his experience with Petting Zoo, and continuing with CHOMP, both apps created for Fox and Sheep digital publisher.

    Moderator: Ilaria Tontardini (Hamelin Cultural Association)

    Organized by Goethe-Institut.

    Tuesday, 5th April, 2.00 PM, Suite Room (Service center: First floor) – A talk with Silvia Borando

    Silvia Borando is a member of the group of authors that gave birth to Minibombo in 2013, a small but innovative publisher, working both on paper and on digital apps. Despite its young “age”, Minibombo already earned different nominations and awards for its products. In this talk, Silvia is going to explain the philosophy of Minibombo and its approach to storytelling.

    Moderator: Emilio Varrà (Hamelin Cultural Association)

    Wednesday, 6th April, 1.00 PM, Digital Cafè (Pavillion 32) – A talk with Cléa Dieudonné

    Which are the similarities and the differences between working on on paper and on “screen”? Cléa Dieudonné will explain how she created and developed Le Mégalopole (L’Agrume, 2015), a project that moulds together two souls: a book that unfolds and becomes three meters long, and an app. She will also talk about the adaptation of Avec quelques briques by Vincent Godeau (L’Agrume, 2014), a pop-up book transformed into a digital book.

    Moderator: Ilaria Tontardini (Hamelin Cultural Association)


    The symposium is realized with the support of  Transbook Children’s Literature on the Move, co-financed by the Creative Europe project of the European Union.
    Transbook is a European project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme 2014/2020 of the European Union, coordinated by Salon du livre et de la presse jeunesse (France) in partnership with Hamelin Associazione Culturale (Italy), Europäische Kinder- und Jugendbuchmesse Saarbrücken (Germany), Tantàgora (Spain), Arts Basics for Children (Belgium), Nobrow Ltd (UK) e Literárne informačné centrum (Slovakia).
    Transbook Children's Literature on the Move