• HAMELIN 45 – Pictures on the Move

    HAMELIN 45 - Pictures on the movePictures on the Move.
    Reading Pictures in the Digital Age

    A book is a book, it is made for reading. But what can you do with an app?
    The diffusion of digital technologies urges us to wonder about how our way of reading, looking at pictures and telling stories is changing.

    This issue is born from the premises of Transbook Children’s Literature on the Move, the European project that for four years got artists and cultural operators from across Europe and beyond involved in a collective reflection on visual storytelling, the state of the book and the advent of the digital age.

    Cover illustration by Anne-Margot Ramstein.




    • Transbook Children’s Literature on the Move • Sylvie Vassallo
    • Archaic multimediality: talking about Cave of Forgotten Dreams • Stefano Ricci
    • The Medium and reader awareness • Alberto Sebastiani
    • Gutenberg is dead. Relationships between digital and print in picture books  • Sophie Van der Linden
    • Another train comes out of the screen. Issues toward the construction of a digital grammar • Ilaria Tontardini
    • The rule and the game. The impossibility of not being multimedia • Emilio Varrà
    • Interactivity and storytelling in the digital world. Interview with Louis Rigaud e Anouck Boisrobert
    • Publishers in the midst of a metamorphosis. Interview with  Minibombo
    • Augmented reality in an app. Interview with  Julie Stephen Chheng
    • How to create things you would like to play with. Interview with Lucas Zanotto
    • Jérémie Fisher • Hamelin
    • Book App experiences in the library. A marginal view • Cartastraccia Association


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    Transbook is a European project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme 2014/2020 of the European Union, coordinated by Salon du livre et de la presse jeunesse (France) in partnership with Hamelin Associazione Culturale (Italy), Europäische Kinder- und Jugendbuchmesse Saarbrücken (Germany), Tantàgora (Spain), Arts Basics for Children (Belgium), Nobrow Ltd (UK) e Literárne informačné centrum (Slovakia).

    Transbook Children's Literature on the Move