Life of a strange man – Sergio Ruzzier exhibition

    A walk through Sergio Ruzzier‘s books: those he wrote and illustrated and those he read and loved. Sergio Ruzzier first solo exhibition, coming at a time when his works are finally translated and published in Italy, is a portrait of the artist as author and reader. Mixing an anthology of his works and some never before […]

    Chris Riddell Portrait Gallery

    To the genius imagination of Chris Riddell, one of the most important contemporary illustrators, we have dedicated an open air exhibition. Writer, illustrator, political critic, ironic and prolific artist, Chris Riddell created a carousel of portraits, from his most known works and his personal sketches, that will move through the city. The old boards in Strada Maggiore and […]


    Bastien Contraire – Tante intruse e tanti intrusi

    The celebration of the Week for Children’s Rights is an opportunity for BilBOlbul to invite the young French illustrator Bastien Contraire and build with him a project focused on the reflection aboutthemes connected with Gender in relation to childhood. This project tries to explore in a ludic and pleasant manner the theme of children’s identity […]


    Conor Stechschulte – The Weight of Water

    This year BilBolBul presents Conor Stechschulte, an emerging artist from the USA. Stechschulte has self- produced his graphic novels for at least ten years and has experimented different printing techniques. Some of his works have been published by important publishing houses, such as Fantagraphics and Breakdown Press. Through his linear narratives he goes beyond the […]


    The Rule and the Game at Turin International Book Fair

    The exhibition will be hosted at Turin International Book Fair, from 18 to 22 May 2017 at the Bookstock Village, an area dedicated to young readers. A project by Transbook, Chidren’s Literature on the Move. Curated by Hamelin Associazione Culturale and SPLJ Salon de la presse et letterature jeunesse de Montreuil.         Image by […]


    Operation Bachelet

    How many different kinds of carrots are there in the known world? In how many ways can you cook them? What does the White Rabbit’s wife do all day long? How long does it take for a snail to go to war? What happens if an elephant believes to be a cat? Why ostriches aren’t […]