Jérémie Fischer

    Jérémie Fischer – Talk

    During Opentour 2018, an open week organized by Bologna Fine Arts Academy, illustrator Jérémie Fischer discusses his work in a public talk. INFO June 18 Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna h 11, Aula L2 Ingresso libero         Jérémie Fischer is a young French illustrator. Picture books and comic books author, he co-founded the magazine “Pan”. His visual […]


    Drawing Adventure – The Art of William Grill

    William Grill — a young author and illustrator who received an award for the “Non Fiction” category at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2017 — will meet the students of two classes of the secondary school “Saffi”. The talk will be chaired by Ilaria Bortolotti, head of Luigi Spina library and Nicola Galli Laforest from Hamelin Cultural […]


    Philippe de Pierpont’s Cinema

    Philippe de Pierpont is best known for being a comics writer and for his collaborations with comics authors such as Stefano Ricci and Eric Lambé. But his ability to mix writing and images extends to cinema, a medium where he reveals some of the most peculiar aspects of his poetics: his love for fragile things […]


    The Amazing Adventures of mr. Töpffer

    Rodolphe Töpffer is today known as the “father” or “creator” of the comic strip itself. As deeply embedded in 19 th century’s Europe, the genevan writer and artist managed to embrace all the various forces which gave birthto the comic strip in the end of the century: the enhancement of printing technologies contemporary to the […]


    Chris Judge – Let’s picture book!

    An illustrated comic book is an organic system in which many graphic, iconographic and textual elements are connected to each other. A day spent with Chris Judge will be the chance to analyse the key points of the creation of a picture book, from the invention of a story to the construction of characters, from […]


    Bastien Contraire – Tante intruse e tanti intrusi

    The celebration of the Week for Children’s Rights is an opportunity for BilBOlbul to invite the young French illustrator Bastien Contraire and build with him a project focused on the reflection aboutthemes connected with Gender in relation to childhood. This project tries to explore in a ludic and pleasant manner the theme of children’s identity […]