Transbook Symposium

                    The coming of the digital dimension in the world of children literature, and specifically in the one of picture books, questions the experiences the book is read, used, promoted with. Transbook – Children’s Literature on the Moveis a project that studies these transformations, and in particular those involving […]


    Lectio Magistralis – Sophie Van der Linden

    Picture book as a contemporary narrative form Lectio Magistralis – Sophie Van der Linden Author, critic and scholar, Sophie Van der Linden is one of the most important contemporary picture books expert. In this conference, she will discuss the picture book as a language, examining its characteristics.   Sunday 25 March, ore 16:30 Biblioteca Salaborsa – Auditorium […]


    Drawing Adventure – The Art of William Grill

    William Grill — a young author and illustrator who received an award for the “Non Fiction” category at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2017 — will meet the students of two classes of the secondary school “Saffi”. The talk will be chaired by Ilaria Bortolotti, head of Luigi Spina library and Nicola Galli Laforest from Hamelin Cultural […]


    Life of a strange man – Sergio Ruzzier exhibition

    A walk through Sergio Ruzzier‘s books: those he wrote and illustrated and those he read and loved. Sergio Ruzzier first solo exhibition, coming at a time when his works are finally translated and published in Italy, is a portrait of the artist as author and reader. Mixing an anthology of his works and some never before […]

    Chris Riddell Portrait Gallery

    To the genius imagination of Chris Riddell, one of the most important contemporary illustrators, we have dedicated an open air exhibition. Writer, illustrator, political critic, ironic and prolific artist, Chris Riddell created a carousel of portraits, from his most known works and his personal sketches, that will move through the city. The old boards in Strada Maggiore and […]


    Bruits d’ourses

    2018 calls for a special celebration: the 30th birthday of Les Trois Ourses, a French cultural association that makes art books. Bruits d’ourses is a birthday celebration and also a performance: a series of workshops and events in various locations all over Bologna, involving experimental musicians and composers as well as Les Trois Ourses’ books.   […]