• Workshop – Isabelle Arsenault

    arsenault_workshopSunday, April 2nd 2017 – Cineteca di Bologna

    How can an illustrator keep a creative space between the different steps in creating a picture book or a graphic novel ? Improvisation!

    Thirtyfive years ago some actors created a professional league for improvisation matches in Quebec. It quickly became world known and a staple of the “Quebecois” creativity, being able to use improvisation in a way that can benefit any form of creation. Isabelle Arsenault has been trying to develop this approach for the last fifteen years in her creations and her specific style that are celebrated in Bologna this year. From a blank piece of paper and text or an idea, she deploys a wave of improvisation throughout many steps that will lead to the final book. She would like to showcase this very “free” approach in a playful workshop where constraint will be part of an improvisation game to explore and find new ways to tell stories. Alongside the many rules developed in the improvisation league, she will lead students to explore the theme of “memories”, recurring in her creations.

    For informations and registrations write to: segreteria@hamelin.net