• The Rule and the Game

    transbok_parlangeAn exhibition supported by the European project Transbook, Chidren’s Literature on the Move.
    Curated by Hamelin Associazione Culturale and SPLJ, Salon du livre et de la presse jeunesse en Seine-Saint-Denis. In collaboration with Biblioteca Salaborsa Ragazzi, Urban Center Bologna. In occasion of Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2017.

    The exhibition project is totally interactive, thought to be visited and acted at a “child level”.
    Rules and games are the two guidelines involved authors were challenged to think about, and at a later time visitors to go through: as a matter of fact the project allows you to handle, touch, experiment books and site specif ambients straight away.
    The exhibition path starts from Bruno Munari’s work on the Prelibri, and goes on with pop-ups, concertina books, glow-in-the-dark ink, 3D glasses, contemporary apps, highlighting the work of twenty artists who are redefining traditional notions of albums and books, the concept of reading and the role of the reader. This path is followed by a section dedicated to the detailed analysis of young author Adrian Parlange’s workflow: audience can examine the planning and design of an illustrated book and the creative process at the base of it.
    The exhibition finishes with seven installations, each one assigned to a different European author: Isidro Ferrer, Anne Herbauts, Ben Newman, Daniela Olejnikova, Hélène Riff, Katrin Stangl and Massimiliano Tappari had the task of reworking and playing with the concept of “reading between the lines”.

    The exhibition will be supported by guided tours and workshops (previously booked).

    April, 4th – 22nd 2017
    Biblioteca Salaborsa and Urban Center
    (Piazza del Nettuno, 3)

    Opening: Monday, April, 3th 2017 – H 18.30
    Adrien Parlange, Daniela Olejníková and Massimiliano Tappari will be present at the opening.

    Massimiliano Tappari will also discuss his work in a public lecture at CUBO Unipol (piazza Vieira de Mello, 3/5) Wednesday April 5th 2017 – H 9.30.