Transbook Symposium

    The coming of the digital dimension in the world of children literature, and specifically in the one of picture books, questions the experiences the book is read, used, promoted with. Transbook – Children’s Literature on the Move is a project that studies these transformations, and in particular those involving the role of narrators through images. […]


    Transbook- Children’s Literature on the Move

    Transbook- Children’s Literature on the Move is a European project dedicated to images, children’s literature that speaks through diverse characters, an exchange among artists, cultural creatives, professionals, and between the cultural practices of various countries. Transbook tells story of the ever-moving illustrated book world, always looking for new creative space, and investigations into old and new […]

    bologna_testa in su emma

    Bologna Head Up

    Bologna Head Up is a project that Hamelin began in 2010 to create a story of the city from the eyes of a “foreigner,” an illustrator invited to recount Bologna through his images. Every year Hamelin invites an international illustrator to Bologna for a residency period. The artist is asked to explore the city, to […]


    Eyes wide open. Reading picture books

    EYES WIDE OPEN is a project which proposes a guide into the world of illustrated books for teachers, librarians, educators, parents and anyone who loves picture books. In an age when the image is at the center of every form of communication it is ever more important to have the skills to interpret these images […]

    Mari kanstad immagine

    Mari Kanstad Johnsen for Art City 2014

    Mari Kanstad Johnsen, yet not widely known in Italy, is one of the most interesting and innovative artists from the Norwegian contemporary scene. Her visual experimentations are found in comics, sketching and painting, self-publishing and mainstream publishing; and are influenced by botany, Japanese engraving and her passion for sketching animals. Her work, her style and […]